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Counterfit Money Scam

Keysec 24's security team end fake bank note circulation
Hand taking money from a shops cash register till

Fake Bank Notes

One of our prestigious retail clients came to us with an issue that fake bank notes been circulating through their premises and had become concerned they were being targeted. After a meeting with management and assessing the CCTV evidence that our security team had already gathered we agreed that we would up the security levels by implementing a plain clothed security officer to site. Within 48 hours of the first transaction of these fake notes taking place our security team identified that the person suspected of using them had returned to the store. Our plain clothed officer quickly started to track the suspect after they had failed to make a purchase due to the notes being refused by a till operative and the team carried out a controlled stop. The suspect was discovered to be in possession of a large sum of fake notes and the police were informed immediately. The offender was subsequently arrested and needless to say our customer was delighted to hear the news. Mike Lawrenson – MD “This type of crime can cause a lot of damage to the economy but can also have a devastating impact on businesses who are duped into accepting worthless notes. We’d like to thank our team for the hard work and effort they put in to get this offence stopped”