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Alarm Response

Alarm Response Services

Whether you own a retail outlet, a large industrial unit, or office premises, speedy response to any alarms that are triggered can make the difference between a threat and the theft of your stock and inventory. As well as burglar and intruder alarms, other alarms including smoke and fire alarms, and even industrial alarms such as CO2 alarms, can all be monitored by trained and experienced alarm monitoring and security personnel from Keysec.

Our team are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they are trained to respond appropriately to all calls. Whether the appropriate response is to liaise with emergency services without entering the premises, or to attend and reset an alarm, you can be assured of a reliable and effective service.

The Process

Our systems will automatically monitor your alarm systems and, within seconds of an alarm being triggered, details will be displayed in our control centre. The closest patrol unit or security guard card will be alerted, provided with details, and sent to your site. The patrol will check for signs of unauthorised entry. If any signs are detected they will call and liaise with the emergency services, without entering the premises. This is not only done for security purposes, but to ensure that any investigation is allowed to commence unimpeded. If there is no sign of unauthorised entry, the security patrol can check inside the property before the alarm is reset and the building left secure.

Alarm Types

Burglar and intruder alarms are only one type of alarm that Keysec 24’s alarm response service monitors for clients. Obviously, it is important that smoke and fire alarms receive a rapid response, in order to try and prevent the spread of fire and further damage to your premises and property. Industrial units have monitoring equipment that is often linked to alarm systems. Anything from CO2 levels to water levels can be monitored and alarmed, and you can arrange with our security team how to handle specific types of alarm.

Combining With Keyholding Services

Alarm monitoring services naturally combine with other Keysec 24 security services to provide a more secure system. For example, CCTV monitoring enables control centre staff to check security footage and to support the alarm response team. Similarly, using our keyholding services means that we can respond to emergency services and provide them with easier access to the premises, or we can enter the premises and reset alarms if they have been triggered accidentally or inaccurately.

Keysec 24 Security Guards

Whichever security services you use, Keysec 24 services rely on the efficiency and effectiveness of our security officers and personnel. From our CCTV operators to security guards, we ensure that all staff members are fully trained, that they have undergone thorough background checks, and that they hold the appropriate SIA certification that not only allows them to work but ensures that they have had adequate training.

Whatever type of business you run, and whatever the purpose of the premises you want to secure, monitoring alarms and alarm systems is an effective way of managing security projects. Contact Keysec 24 today to discuss our security services, request a quote using our simple online form, or take a look at more of the related services that we have to offer.

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